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I’m starting a new job next week. It’s part time and I think I’m going to love getting out of the house and being around people – and by people I mean real, live, humans the size of full-grown adults that carry on intellectual conversations with ease…(and they understand what intellectual means)! After eight years home with the kids, it will be a big change. Especially for them.

Actually, especially for me!

I freaked out the other night, spouting questions about writing time to my husband. “When will I write? When will I find time? I have to feed y’all too? And extra-curricular activities, what about that time suckage? when will I edit, write, keep up with twitter, facebook and my blog? I’m already falling down on my duty as a writer! Ahhhhh.” (You get the picture but add frazzled Einstein hair, owl eyes and pacing). Oh and then I freaked about the dogs – not the kids – the freaking dogs! “They’ll miss me. They’ll be alone. Who will let them out? Throw the ball? Pet them? They’re joined at my hips, what will happen to them?!!!?”

Of course, the hubby takes it all in stride. “You’ll be fine. They’ll be fine. We’ll be fine.”

And then there’s me: “WTF…don’t you sympathize?”

Um, no. He’s got the time part all figured out. Even gets up early to run and work out, and managed to finagle golf league time out of me. Not to mention, he’s good at not forgetting things, which all mom’s know, is pre-pagacked and stapled to our kids when they arrive.

Funny as it may be, I’m not stressed at all about the job. I can handle that, even knowing I’ll be learning an application I’ve never seen before and knowing screw-ups are super expensive. Not a problem. I just won’t screw up. Like ever.

The problem is write time. But I can do it. I’ll get up early, skip meals, pass off bowls of cereal as meals for the kids and invest in frozen pizza and spaghetti-Os. (Just kidding, well, maybe not if I can find organic Spaghetti-Os).

I seriously bow down to all you writers who work and write marvelous books! Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a big hug for jobs(sssss) well done!