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After a month away from home, my computer (stupidly I didn’t take it with me–I learned from that), my job and my husband, it’s time to get back into the groove of things.

For starters, I typically used mornings to slave away at my WIPs or editing or what-nots (all those what-nots involve writing in some manner). Now, those same hours are filled with a job – I’m on my fourth week and I quite enjoy it – especially the adult interaction. After being home with the kids for 8+ years, that alone took some getting used to. Baby talk and time-outs are a no-go in an office full of women (and one man who happens to be my brother-in-law).

Now, the kids, who were away for a month as well, are back and I can’t seem to grasp the whole working-mom thing. Trial and error. With camp some days, dad’s ever changing schedule to work around – mind you, at the last minute – I’ve become an almost-expert juggler. Maybe I should add that to my bio!

Writing, like keeping up with my posts, facebook and twitter, fell last month – again, because I forgot to take my computer on vacation and all my passwords were buried under mountains of furniture we’d moved into one room so we could refinish floors before the kids returned.  Needless to say, I found them when I got home, but my house is still in disarray.

So, getting in the groove: I’d forego all the previous mentioned things just to carve out time to write, write, write. That is the groove I most can’t wait to get back into. My fingers are tapping in anticipation, my brain won’t shut off all the new ideas I can’t wait to begin, and then there was pitchMAS!  It really was Christmas in July. With five requests (and no computer) my hubby had to forward whatever he found with my manuscript name on it, and I had the pleasure of trying to figure out which one was the most recent (thank goodness for FaceTime with my at-home desktop!).

So here’s to the tail-end of summer and getting all my ducks in a row (or geese, we have tons of geese) and getting my write back on!

How do you get back into the groove?