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Titles usually appear out of thin air for me…or rather, out of a bunch of letters glued together submerged somewhere between my beginning and end. My titles usually come from a thought or an intense moment between the two main characters–the first scene I ‘see’ before I even start writing. In fact, I already have the title for my next idea, but my current work-in-progress? Noooooo.

I’ve struggled over its title since page one. Nothing, and I do mean nothing, gave me that sensation. If you write, you know the one. The tingly, effervescent overflow of smiles and squeals you try to conceal under your breath. Well, fifty-six thousand words into my WIP and bam! There it is. Right in front of me. It made me smile, feel giddy inside, and run to tell my husband. My cheerleader looked up from the file cabinet he’s organizing to offer a thumbs up.

I’ll take it!

And then there’s that free-fall, I-hate-roller-coasters feeling that sends your highs subterranean. You know that feeling too, I’m sure. The one where you do a search on Amazon, push go and there it is, already taken. That really sucks. The makes-you-want-to-puke kind of suckage.

So I begin again, looking for that right title, waiting for it to appear. It will, I know it, but patience skipped me when I born! *twiddles thumbs, still waiting, ‘come out, come out where ever you are’*

When do you ‘find’ your title: before, during or after your story is finished?