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Yes, I hate that word. The F one above. It sits on the shelf gathering dust right next to ‘fancy’, the other F word I hate. But I had to yank it off the shelf yesterday when I realized my brain had in deed made a mistake. (Don’t tell the hubs, he thinks I’m perfect 🙂

I obsess over following direction when writing my query, like recheck it a gazillion times, ensuring I did everything right, before hitting send.  So how did I mess one up?  The worst part, it isn’t the first time, but EVERY time I feel like an idiot when I do it and spend countless hours praying the agent with  my query doesn’t roll his/her eyes and slam their pointer down on the delete button.

Here’s my running list of mistakes…

Spelled a last name wrong. Shame on me, but in my defense, someone in my high school had the same last name spelled the way I wrote it (I before E except after C, blah blah blah – didn’t apply in this case). So who really spells it wrong?

Forgot to include my pages.  Now that one blew because we all know, agents that want 5, 10 or even first chapter pages rock. Queries stump me so I rely heavily on my pages, hoping they’ll just skip the query all together (wishful thinking, I know) and get right to the story. Had to send a *blushing, I feel stupid* email asking them to take an extra minute out of their Super Agent day to delete my mistake and hope like hell they didn’t just delete both.

Sent a query to someone who already rejected it… but months later.  That was a slip up. I’d had my eye on a certain agency and was so excited to see she’d opened up to queries again that I pushed send before checking my querytracker.com list. So, adding her to it but seeing her already on it…made me feel like the blonde I am but try so hard not to be. Writing that, “oops, you already rejected me” letter was, to say the least, embarrassing. But she was great, emailed me back instantly and said not a problem. So she does read her email!! (That was a bonus for future projects).

Mis-spelled wrods. When the word is on my 2nd grader’s spelling list, I really shouldn’t misspell it.  But, I have, numerous times and no matter how many times I read my queries (and my CP checks for mistakes) some errors slip by. Hopefully they go unnoticed.

And my latest brain-fart…

Sent too much information. The directions said to send a query to someone on their email list. Then it listed the agents and their emails. Self-explanatory right? Yes, that’s what I thought too. Underneath it said if you send a hard copy to send ten pages and a synopsis. So my eyes didn’t see (or didn’t want to see) the ‘hard copy’ directions. Really, truly, why different directions based on how you send it?  Well, this agent in particular got a bonus–my synopsis and  my ten pages. Maybe she’ll skip the query and jump right into the story. Fingers crossed, prayers said.

So, I’ve learned I’m not perfect but I’ll let that tidbit slip on by just like these mistakes did so I can assume I’m still perfect. 🙂

What mistakes have you made?