About Me

If you just can’t get enough, visit my website at reaganleigh.net

Five Fun (or weird…take your pick) Facts about Me:

1) I’ve survived my first REAL winter including a hurricane, a Nor’ Easter and a Blizzard since moving to New England. The trifecta of wet and cold!

2) I miss the south–boiled peanuts, sweet tea, pimento cheese, grits, sweet southern accents, hearing y’all, fried okra…did I say sweet tea?  And now I’m hungry.

3) The scene in ‘Wanderlust’ with Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston in the truth circle, is sooooooo me. I have lots of ‘flight and fancies’ and had lots of majors in college, after college and now. There’s too many to list, but my passion for writing stuck. (I’m pretty sure I was born with two creative sides for a brain and the analytical side was left out.)

4) I run an etsy store with my mother and love to sew (and paint, and build things, and cook, and garden (I suck at that last one)). www.mymonimymom.etsy.com

5) I LOVE pretty things… paper, fabric, gardens, beaches, storms, the sound of cracking acorns in the fall, countrysides, animals and white. I love white. After all, it is the culmination of all color!

6) BONUS:  I can’t live without raspberries smothered in Magic Shell. Like, really… I won’t survive without it! And while I’m talking about survival… I can’t survive without my incredible Critique Partner! She’s amazing!!!


I love to write magic into my stories, whether it’s YA, NA or Adult. Even in my contemporary writing there’s a bit of magic.  All revolve around romance, because I’m a sucker for first kisses, first hook-ups and love that wraps around your heart, squeezes it in warmth and sends fireworks through your body. For more about me, visit my website: www.reaganleigh.net

I’m currently working on an NA Contemporary Romance and am enjoying my characters immensely. They’ve saturated my every thought, my every dream and are leading me through their story of passion hindered by too many rules and a secretive past.


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